Together with the members of your group take action, reach out to new communities and educate the public to respect the differences and how to integrate migrants. Events are a great way to get to educate yourself and others about  the differences, what those people lived and meet other people in your community who want to take action together.  Here are some examples of what you can do:

  • Promote integration processes by organizing courses of Italian language, the lack of knowledge of the Italian language is the first obstacle to social inclusion and many foreign citizens.

  • Organize events in order to give voice to their stories, a good way to integrate migrants in our communities is to get in touch with them: Listening to their stories and getting to know them better will help the community to leave behind this fear of the other.

  • Organize seminaries in your cities about Europe for Citizens and Integration of Migrants and Minorities, aimed at fostering knowledge and socialization among Italian citizens and citizens of foreign origin.​​​ 


  • Involve migrant in recreational activities,  such as theater, music or sports event.

There isn't a universal model of integration : according to the history of the community, and above all the feeling of its citizens, each community should build its own model capable of progressing under the control of the forms of discrimination that have always been present.


Some examples of what you can do.